Signing the way for Doncaster – wayfinding & signage scheme

Doncaster Council set out a new project with the objective, which was to set out a new wayfinding and visitor engagement system for the town centre.

ABG Design won a competitive tender to design all of the new signage and new town maps for the town centre. The new maps designed by ABG Design showcase some of the key new building in a 3D rendition highlighting the town’s new cultural civic centre and showcasing its famous markets.

We delighted with the results the towns welcome totems they showcase all the best that Doncaster have to offer but also tell small fact about Doncaster’s history. The maps and keys are very easy to read in a new design style, which gives you handy walking times to key destinations.  Following on from Covid 19 and how our towns need to present themselves more as a cultural destination the new signage and town landscaping really helps the town to present itself in a better light.